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The author of this guide (Rogue_Shadow) has kindly allowed me to share this useful piece of information here.

Covered in this guide:

# MK7 bulb types
# How to remove the MK7 Headlight (Including pictures of the dreaded retaining Clip MWHAHAHAHAHAHAH ... pfft )
# How to Change over the MK7's sidelight, dipped beam & Indicator bulbs
# How to Safely replace the MK7 Headlight back into the mounting

MK7 Bulb Types

Here is a brief list of the Bulbs for the MK7 Fiesta, these are also noted in your handbook.

Front Lights:

Fullbeam - H1
Dipped beam - H7
Sidelights - W5W
Front Fogs - H11
Front indicators - PY21W
Side (wing mirror) indicators - WY5W

Interior lights:

Interior light - W6W
Reading lights - W5W
Footwell lights - W5W

Rear indicators - PY21W
Brake & tail light's - P21/5W
Rear fog light - P21W
Reversing lights - W16W
Number plate lights - W5W[/b]


Removing The Headlight:

To Replace ANY bulbs in the headlight, the headlight itself must first be removed.

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Grille Vehicle

The Headlight is fixed to the car by 2 bolts, 1 plastic rivet & 1 clip at the bottom (More on this later)

One bolt at the top of the headlight -

Automotive tire Hood Tire Vehicle Tread

One bolt & a Rivet at the bottom of the headlight -

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design

The bolts simple unscrew, store the washer and bolt some where safe. The rivet comes in two parts, both simple pop out and do not require any other motion. There is a small gap that allows you to get your finger nail or screw driver underneath the first part and pull it out.

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Automotive design Bumper

After the first is removed, the bottom part pops out also

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Grey Rim

Before removing the headlight, you need to remove the electrical connector (The purple plug)
The best method to remove this, is to prize a flat head screw driver in and underneath the clip & tilt.
You will hear a small click & with the screwdriver still in place the connector can be removed.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper

DO NOT pull the connector from the wires, the connector should come out fairly easily with the screw driver in place.
I removed mine with thumb and fingers of my left hand ... very little struggle at all.

Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

The Headlight is anchored in with little tabs on the headlight itself

Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

So the best method to remove the headlight is to tilt the headlight slightly away from the engine bay and then pull the headlight up and towards the windscreen.
Place one hand underneath the headlight nearest the bottom (grill) and another underneath the top section where the first bolt was removed. Keep reading if you need more help.


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Headlight removal - explained
This is the clip that everyone mentions and dreads, that comes out in the darkness of night and...yada yada ha ha. Its not that bad once you look at it. So here it is

Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Bumper

Its basically a bigger version of the clip that holds your bonnet arm.
Here is is again with the headlight removed - Don't worry I'll get to the removal part, you haven't missed anything.

Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive fuel system Automotive design

This picture (below) will hopefully explain the necessary angle needed to lift the light

Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Hood

The Yellow Arrow is the direction the clip would most likely to be removed at
HOWEVER, not possible if you look at the green circle, the shape of the grill and headlight DO NOT allow the direction.
The Red arrow is a compromise of both, its at an angle that clears the shape of the grill but still provides enough upwards angle to remove the the light from the clip. I had no trouble removing mine without this guide. No snaps or damage. Provided its not a Freezing cold day causing the clip to be abit more brittle, you should be fine.

Once free, unslot your headlight from the mounting. It would be fairly simple. But for those who want to know how.
Slide it from the top out. Away from the front grill.


Bulb Replacement:

Your headlight is now out of the car, looks odd doesn't it, lol.

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car

In case by this point you still have no idea what bulbs you need, ford kindly printed them on the headlight

Font Electric blue Auto part Brand Label

These are my replacements

Font Sports equipment Kitchen appliance Bicycle part Auto part

Philips Silver Vision indicator bulbs and Philips Bluevision (dipped beam with sidelights...bargain

Ok Indicator bulbs and sidelights first, flip the headlight over and you'll see a screwcap, turn anti clock wise to open
For those who are unsure of their lefts and rights. Its printed on the cap

Magnifying glass Automotive design Motor vehicle Auto part Hood

Unscrew that...

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Steering part Automotive design Steering wheel

looks confusing doesn't it?
Lets Have a closer look inside

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Electrical wiring Fender

On the right is the sidelight, notice how ford are kind enough to even print the bulb types on the inside of the headlight.
To the left of the sidelight is the Main Beam (Blinding people light) I don't remove this during this guide. looks simple enough though

continued in next post)

Magnifying glass Automotive design Motor vehicle Auto part Hood


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To remove the sidelight bulb holder ( the one underneath W5W on the above picture) Turn the plastic holder a quarter of a turn and pull up and out. Simple

Automotive tire Wood Finger Bumper Rim

To remove the bulb, simply pull it out. Time to install your new bulb.
This IS Important, DO NOT handle the glass of the bulb. Use vinyl or latex gloves or tissue paper. Handling the glass directly can damage and or reduce the bulbs lifetime.

Comfort Finger Health care Linens Nail

No you can put the holder back into the headlight, quarter of a turn and leave it be.

Time for the indicator bulb ... this one IS a pain, but I'll give as much detail as I can.

Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Hood Guitar accessory

Below the sidelight bulb is the indicator bulb, all you can see of it is the wires and a Long handle/stalk connected to the bulb holder.
This one is very stiff to remove, luckily this was my second headlight.
To remove, you need to get nice and low on the handle/stalk (don't hold the wires!)and apply a very very very small amount of pressure towards the holder, then turn it anti-clockwise.
This holder is very stiff, when it becomes free it does make a loud Click noise that sounds expensive ha ha. But its fine. you'll see why its so stiff once its out.

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive exterior

The holder and the headlight have tabs that lock it in. Hence why it was so stiff. Have a good look at both the headlight and the bulb holder, these will help you understand how to fit it back in

Wheel Plant Automotive tire Bicycle tire Tire

Notice the tabs on the out edge of the holder, these need to be lined up with the headlight to slot back in.

Automotive lighting Gas Toy Machine Wood

This is the indicator bulb, to remove it, one turn anti-clockwise... while not handling the glass. There is ONE way the bulb will fit into the holder again. Line up the notches on the bulb with the gaps on the holder. Slot in and turn clockwise. Done

Automotive lighting Steering wheel Audio equipment Gadget Automotive tire

Now line up the tabs of the holder with the headlight and put it back in the headlight. This is abit fiddle. Take your time, line up the plastic tabs and you'll feel it go into the headlight. Then its one turn clockwise the lock it in place and seal the deal.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel Automotive wheel system

Close the screw cap up and your down with this section of the light. Now for the dipped beams.
The bulbs are behind this rubber cap at the end of the headlight

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Kitchen appliance Alloy wheel Automotive lighting

It just peels of the expose the bulb

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Steering wheel Steering part


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Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Steering wheel Steering part

Again with Thumb and finger pressure on the side of the bulb holder, turn it anti-clockwise and it will unlock and pull out.

Hand Tire Automotive lighting Automotive tire Wheel

With the bulb holder free, you can remove the bulb. This bulb is removed by pulling it out, I'll show you what part pulls away from what.

Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive tire Tire Rim

If that's still unclear what pull away from what, read on. It may become more clear as we install the new bulb.

When inserting your new bulb, there is only one way it will fit into the holder.

Automotive tire Rim Machine Thumb Auto part

Notice the small metal leg sticking out and up (like an L) of the bulb holder. That side of the holder needs to meet with the part sticking out of the bulbs base.

Hand Automotive tire Finger Gas Rim

Like so
Insert the bulb into the headlight, one turn clockwise and your done. replace the rubber seal & you have successfully de-tangoed and upgraded your headlight ...

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle

Finished! Enjoy ...


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What sort of guide wouldn't help you put the headlight back in? Honestly people! Grab your headlight lets go ...


Replacing the headlight back into the mounting:

Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive fuel system Automotive design

Meanwhile at your car lol.

Plug the connector back in and ensure the lights are working! Do not do anything else untill you have otherwise you'll be scrolling all the way back to the top of this guide...bad times.

All working? Are you now blinded by the pure brilliance ... Odds are no, its still daylight ha ha
Anyway ...

So remember the little plastic tabs on the headlight

Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

Those will play a key part in making this part SO So Simple.

Insert the bottom (narrow) part of your headlight into the mounting first. After all it was this part that made it hard removing it in the first place.

Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Grille

With the headlight in place at the bottom (ensure the plates for the bolt and rivet are UNDER the grill and not ontop)
tilt the headlight and work on getting those plastic tabs into under the bodywork

Car Hood Automotive lighting Grille Automotive tire

During this step, odds are you will head the plastic clip at the bottom of the headlight clip into place and the headlight will fit snug. If this hasn't happened, have a good place around. Don't worry, there is only One way for the headlight to sit correctly and multiple ways to get it there.

Hood Automotive tire Tire Automotive design Bumper

Insert the bottom part of the rivet

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Grey Automotive design

Followed by the top part

Replace the other two bolts and washer, reconnect the connector at the back of the headlight. Close the bonnet and marvel the fact your indicator isn't orange

Automotive parking light Vehicle Grille Car Automotive lighting

Now... we wait for the darkness to fall

Result to follow

Hope this has helped or given confidence to those wanting to give it a go.
Rogue Shadow


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Thats handy JH, we've a couple of new Titaniums coming into the family in December, one in silver (sublime) and one in Hot Magenta (flipping heck, young people eh).

For-warned is handy, cos the MK6s we have are now straight forward as I know how much to bend and force things.

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Very handy, stickied, thanks

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Any info on doing the other side, had real issues with the washer bottle in the way and ended up just pulling it off....... what she doesn't know means it isn't missing

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Hi there am new to the forum but eager to take part love my Fiesta and is my first car. Have the Zetec 100 ps, I'm not really into changing the body modifications but I wondered if it is possible or advisable to change the bulbs to the xenon or perhaps bright white led bulbs. Someone told me before to be careful with the power output as it can discolour the bits that surrounds the bulbs. I'd prefer the lights like this. Any advice would be appreciated and if I can do this what would the part numbers be for the replacement bulbs and suggestions of where to buy from?? Many thanks
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