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First time Ford Owner

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Just bought my first Ford in 22 years of motoring. I went for a Mondeo 1.8tdci titanium estate on a 58 plate. Very impressed after having it for two weeks.Only minor complaint is it is a bit gutless. Otherwise the space, toys, quality etc more than matches my previous Skoda's and unreliable but lovely BMW.

MK 4 Estates still seem a touch rare around these parts, and car attracts some envious glances.

Having parking sensors fitted tomorrow as its such a beast when trying to paralell park-otherwise all good.
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Hello Andy, welcome to MEG mate. :L

I'm not surprised the 1.8 is a bit gutless, the MK4 estate is a bit of a beast of a motor. The 2.0 or 2.2 might have been a better bet. As long as you are happy though, that is the main thing.

Lee :L
Hello, and welcome to the site. :)

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