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Fitting kit for Mondeo 2 DIN Stereos

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After a bit of digging around I have made the discovery that i will need a fitting kit to replace my Sony 6cd with an aftermarket one.

Also, is it a problem that I have a ghia centre console??
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Right I think I have found out that I need another centre facia panel that houses the Ford 6000cd and adjust that accordingly to house a fitting kit. Any suggestions??
The stereo will have a fitting kit supplied, what you need is a blanking panel to fill the empty space above or below the new stereo.

Your 2nd post confuses the 1st. You want to fit a standard DIN stereo into the larger ford stereo hole?

If so then just the blanking plate as mentioned above.
The aftermarket stereo I want is a double DIN and I have a sony one in at the moment. I suspect there may be a problem as the facia panel that houses a sony 6cd wont take an aftermarket double din as it goes in at an angle??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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