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Fitting vanity lights

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Hi all.
I have just installed a three button interior light to replace the one button original.
I also have some vanity lights ready to go in.
As fas as I can see it is just a case of adding two wires to them, which I guess are live and earth.
Then simply connect these to the live and earth on the main interior light.

Is it as simple as that, and does anyone know wich of the connectors on the interior light are which?
Looking at the light, there are two grouped on one push fit connector, and then one by itself.

I did see a thread on vanity lights recently, but have just gone through 27 pages on the search function and did not see it.

I will sort out some kind of connection, although have not sussed this out yet, as I will be adding a rear courtesy light at some point, and may as well leave male and female connectors ready for this.

If anyone has put these lights in, or can offer any advice that would be great.
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you need to cut a slot out of the headlining first
then there are metal clips that secure it in place

and then there are bits of glue to hold the wiring in place

i did consider taking some pics when i took mine apart when i ran the mic wire for my radio, but in the end didn't think it was worrth the hassle
The single connector is 12V; the grouped ones are permanent and door-switched ground. You can work out which is which by looking at the switch - or just get a couple of piggyback spade connectors and use trial and error.
Just spent the afternoon doing it.
I thought the loom I made went very well. I used a similar method to the one in the wiki for adding a rear light.
I used spade connectors to bridge between the original loom and the front courtesy light, plus added the vanity loom and three spare spades for when I add a rear courtesy light. It was only when I had fitted the loom I remembered I may want to add a dimming mirror too at some point, so could have added two more redundant spades (but that will be easy to sort.

I decided to stop being lazy and looked up the proper Ford wiring diagrams, and so followed that, rather than any trial and error stuff.

I did not use glue for the wiring (the original looms do not use much) but wrapped the loom in foam instead. This will keep it just as quiet as the glue, but will allow it to be moved more easily for future installations.

Funnily enough, cutting the headlining was a doddle, but it was funny when I went to fit the metal retainers, and suddenly realised I could not do it all from under the headlining.
To be honest though, it only takes five minutes to drop the front of the lining, and then it was straight forward.

Overall I am pleased with the result, and it was a fairly easy job to do.
The only downside was that the new front courtesy light (from ebay) had a big scratch on it, so I had to sand it out with wet and dry, and then T cut it back to good as new.
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