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fitting zetec s bumper

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i have a facelift mondeo,so would i be able to fit a zetec s front bumper or a st tdci bumper without fitting new wings????
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A Zetec-S bumper is a straight swap and will line up perfectly with your existing wings. The ST bumper will protrude about 5mm on either side due to having different wings.

The choice is yours, but for ease, I'd go for the ZS bumper.


Lee :L
thxs,i will fit a zs bumper,thxs
Apart from the bumper, will you need to change anything else? Grill etc

Or is it just a case of taking the standard bumper off and replacing it with the Zetec S one?
Im looking to do exactly the same thing but on a pre face, i have a facelift chrome grill and can get hold of a facelift ZS bumper, and am on the search for the foglights to match. Id be interested in befores and afters on this!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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