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Flashing Coil / Glow plug light

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Am i right in thinking the amber coil shaped light near the bottom left of the dash display relates to the glow plugs etc?

It flashed a couple of times when it was very cold, but always went off if re-starting the car. I added some injector cleaner and i havent seen it for weeks.

However, it has started flashing today, the car wont go past 3k revs (limp mode?) and although it is still starting now, i am concerned it wont in the morning.

Will a diagnostic find the exact fault, from reading around it looks like people often get told things that are not correct on diagnostic, is there anything easy i should try first?

I have an important meeting at 7am, is there any trick to getting her started if i have a problem, i've got a taxi number ready!!!

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Could be lots of different things, its a diagnostic light and doesn't neccesarily relate to the glow plugs. On mine the injectors needed reprogramming, I think this is fairly common. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon!
thanks, i hope she starts! Ive spent about 800.00 on her in the last 2 months including the smash and MOT, ive changed jobs since buying her a few months ago and am doing up to 1k miles a week now, she has 140k on her now, wondering if im better trying to change sooner rather than later, only used to do 8/9k a year! so the 130k didnt worry me at the time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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