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Flashing Glow Plug Light

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on the way home before pulled off the motorway and when i turned off doing about 40 glow plug came on flashing and i lost the turbo. pulled over and stopped the car,turned engine off and it started straight away no probs no flashing glow plug light but there is no turbo(limp mode i guess).

car is now starting no probs but with no boost.

anyone got any ideas
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Had the same thing happen to me a little while back with the glow plug light. Normally happened by using my right foot firmly in 3rd gear etc, turned out to be the injectors. Best thing i think anybody could suggest to you at the minute would be to get the car plugged in to get the fault code displayed.
not used the car since yesterday when the glow plug light came on but been using it tonight and everything is running fine again and i have just done 30 miles plus
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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