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Flickering lights.

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Hi guys,

Just carried out the wiring mod to the alternator of my 200 on the weekend. This has cured the headlight/ interior light flickering on cold start/ idle speed but noticed my side lights flicker when on without ignition on or engine running! Anyone come across this?

Many thanks

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Are your sidelights normal 501 bulbs or LED's?

It might be coincidence, but I fitted some LED sidelight bulbs and one started to flicker after a month or so. I put it down to a faulty LED and got a replacment from the shop, but I haven't re-fitted them yet. My normal bulbs are fine.
Hi Frembrit,

The bulbs are all standard, i did have front led lights but one went so i fitted normal bulbs again. The problem is not just on the front though, the rears also do it!
I did the wiring mod a few months ago and don't seem to have any issues. I'll check my lights later.
no flickering on my car. I've no idea what could cause it.
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