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flushed rear boot handle

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i removed the ford emblem off the boot handle and filled it and sanded until i got it perfect now i have a completely de badged boot . its a simple mod and i would recommend anybody with hands on skill to try it. the handle has turned out perfect .ive the handle primed at the moment .ill finish it tomorrow in stardust silver .il post pictures when the job is complete :content: :)
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Pics are needed i think!
Looking forward to seeing this!
ill have the pics up tomorrow mate . i must get some stardust silver from halfords today and ill have ago :) i like your car mate a real nice color and the rear tints suit it nice work .
lol u copycat!

Tis a good mod tho...i should know ;)
i have to admit i got the idea from your car lol :)
wehey....i'll forgive ya then ;)
i got my smoothed boot handle back the other day i had to get it painted by the pros because the halfords stardust silver didn't match mine.the color difference was to obvious .so i got it painted in a garage for free .the joys of known the right people .i have the handle back on the boot .it looks the business completely debadged .its a simple but effective mod.ill post pics soon :content:
Seen this mod done alot over the years and still hasn't grown on me :S something just doesn't look right...
I would like to see a picture as i cant imagine it
ive got chrome letters on mine, but u can see it in my garage SparkZS
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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