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Flywheel orientation

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Does anyone know if there's any sort of crank position sensor behind the flywheel on the 3 Litre ?

Reason i ask is that i'm just in the process of changing the flywheel/clutch and slave cylinder and the new flywheel has the two brass coloured strips of metal on the back of the flywheel in a different place in relation to the elongated hole from the one i've just taken off. It looks like the strips of metal are rotated one hole out on the new flywheel, so obviosuly i'll have to mount the elongated hole one out as well if i want the metal strips to be where they should be.

Last thing i need now is more ballache finding i've put the new flywheel on in the wrong position so if anyone who knows could shed some light i'd be most greatfull.
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no sensors.... IIRC the flywheel will only go on in position... but could be wrong about that, i cant remember from when i did mine...

Pic below showing the strips i think you are referring to...


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o.k. thanks man, that's great.

I noticed that the picture you posted there shows identical positioning of those strips to the flywheel i just removed. The new flywheel they are closer to the elongated hole.

The Haynes manual is as usefull as a chocolate fireguard making mention about the dowels which are not fitted on mine !!

I can only come to the conclusion that those strips are fitted to the back of the flywheel to balance it when it's manufactured so i'll be lining the elongated hole up when the new one goes on. It's interesting that you say it will only go on one way, if that's the case i should have nothing to worry about :)
Update :- Couldn't find an edit button for previous post :(

Just measured the distance between the holes on the back of the flywheel and can confirm you are spot on mate. It will only fit one way as the elongated hole is actually offset by about 2mm.

Where's the thanks button, i think you deserve it ?


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