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Focus pipe

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Anyone ever fitted this pipe to a standard airbox? as i would like to keep the airbox but remove the black box above the tb, i got a bomz kit which is good but id prefere a standard set up look
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You can fit it to a silvertop, with a rubber O ring as a spacer on the TB, but quite a challange on a blacktop unfortunately!
Or use the pipe from the Bomz into the airbox, best of both worlds.
I used one on my blacktop with no problems whatsoever, looks really neat.
Really? Focus or Escort one? Escort one looks a lot easier to use IMO!
The one i got was said to be for a Focus, it dropped straight on!

Its a black pipe convoluted near the MAF with a nice curve to the bit that fits on the throttle body.
The Focus pipe I got from Fords wouldn't go on the standard Mondeo TB, it was like 1cm too big all the way round and would just crumple using the circlip. Searched on here at the time and 2 other MEGers had had the same problem. Got any pics of your setup at all? As said, only actually seen one fitted to silvertops.
Here's a partial pic it shows the throttle body joint.


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I got that sorted, its just too short to reach the maf
The Escort one is a bit longer IIRC
I got one of those too but the pipe bends the wrong way
if its any use?

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