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Hello everyone,

I hope this post doesn't sound too foolish... I am new here.

I own a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.5 TDCI (2015) I live in the UK so my car is the EU spec.

I will be installing cruise control onto the car at some point within the next few weeks. I've seen that this is relatively easy from various forums and videos by installing Ford cruise control buttons onto the steering wheel (by replacing the silver steering wheel trim and buttons, then programming the cruise control using ForScan).

However, I wanted to know if it was possible to install automatic headlights onto the car too?
My plan was to buy a headlight switch with the automatic option and install it into the car. Then use ForScan to activate the automatic headlights as you would with the cruise control.

I understand that you need a rain/light sensor on the car for this to work.

It appears that my car already has one installed behind the rear-view mirror (part number DE8T 19H463 DA).

I had a look on eBay and noticed that other fiestas with automatic headlights have a very similar (if not the same shape) looking rain/light sensor, however the part number is slightly different (DE8T 19H463 BB).

So my question first of all is....

1) By installing a headlight switch with the automatic option into the car and then programming the automatic lights (using forscan), will the automatic headlights work?

2) Is there a difference between the two light/rain sensors specified above?

As for the automatic windscreen wipers, I'm not sure if the MK7 fiestas had automatic windscreen wipers. If they did, were they activated via the wiper stalk?

If so, if I installed an automatic wiper stalk (If there is such thing), then program it with ForScan, will it work?

Thank you :) ,


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Odd that it has the light sensor in the screen but not that option fitted.

Having the wiring in place possibly but not the sensor.

Ahh The DA part is the rain sensor. BB = rain and light sensor.
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