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Hello, I like to fix cars, I'm not a professional mechanic everything I've done is self taught but do some repairs for a little beer money

My latest project is a ford focus 1.8, multple issues all around overheating and grinding noise when in gear

suspected head gasket as getting combustion gases in the coolant and oil was brown so had reacted with anitfreeze, my first ever head gasket replacments and to be fair it was pretty striaght forward, no signs of any warping and everything when back together ok, if anyone has worked on the dutatec the hardest part was one of the inlet manifold bolts, real pig to get in and out, easier if rad removed but already had so many things apart only so much i can keep track of

so head gasket done, still overheating when on idle, so did thermostat no joy, next plan if to pull the water pump, read someware that you can get a water pump that look the same but designed to rotate the other way so wondering if the wrong pump is fitted - not sure what these cooling system are like for trapping air so was considering one of those vacum fill kits
cant work out why the EGR has a water feed to it either, there is no flow though the egr as only a single pipe, heating engineer by trade so fully understand flow and returns

regarding the grinding, gearbox all off, clutch looked ok, changed anyway, box suspect so swapped that out still got the noise so thinking driveshafts, the splines looked ok but i have nothing to compare them against, or maybe unlucky and the box fitted has same problem - I've fixed many things over the years and one of the lessons is if you change a part and still have the same problem then the chances are the problem lies elseware and the bit you changed was ok, this is good for 99.9% of the time, so going to replace the driveshafts next

anyone with any tips wold be greatly appreciated
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