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ford grafix

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what do all you think of this grafix??

covering a bad patch of laquer..



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not for me. looks lost.
Thats shocking. Sorry...but it is.
sure ive seen this thread somewhere before, or was it something like it :whistling:
tbh it looks like you have a sticker covering a bit of bad laquer - sorry
just add another on the right hand bonnet line. it'll look ok then :L
Would be better off just sticking a plain silver sticker there, good effort though.
i think il try and get a pair of silver ones, only trying thing out at the moe..

thank for the replys

why not silver vinyl wrap the whole bonnet wont be to hard to do
I had a bad patch on my bonnet - ended up buying a used one on ebay (in good nick) for £90 inc delivery - piece of pie to fit it with 2 people - sold my bad one for £50. Best net £40 i ever spent! Plus the colour match is perfect.
Why not just repair it? Cost about £5!
Sorry - terrible. How can you possibly think it looks good or ok ? The fact that you are asking says it all buddy.

Take it off and get it sorted properly pal.
Getting my 4 year old son to spray your bonnet with rattle cans from halfords would look better than that sticker. :eyesup: IMHO ..... using green paint :}
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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