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Hello people of this forum!

I am new to this forum and i dont know alot about cars, yet.

I've got this irritation of a problem with my ford ka champion from 2006. The Thermostat housing is broken i think. Because of this my car is loosing cooling fluid. I have cracked open the hood of my car. Put aside the air filter and looked at the part. (See pictures)

Part number : xs6e-9k478-a2f (See pictures)

Here comes the problem. This is the only thermostat housing that is impossible to find here in the netherlands. Or it cost way way way to much compared to other thermostat housings for ford ka's.

Here is what i am asking.

Can i use a different Thermostat housing? For example one that fits on the OEM number XS6E9K478AD. (I am guessing not tho)

My solution for when i cant get a replacement is a cooling system stop leak thing from Valvoline. (See Pictures).

What o what to do, please help me.

Kind regards,



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You should really determine whether the thermostat housing is broken/leaking or if it is simply the gasket. In theory replacing the gasket is a cheaper fix but I have found an entirely new housing with thermostat, sensor and gasket on ebay for £11 so i suggest you buy that, drain some coolant out of the radiator into a large enough container (just a couple of litres maybe) then take off the old and replace with the new and put the coolant back in, start the engine, squeeze the hoses a bit to remove air bubbles and as long as your in-cabin heater blows hot and your coolant level is good then you're done!

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You should remove the housing and use a high temperature silicone sealant on top

of the original seal. Allow it to set partially before fitting and done overtitghten it.

Then allow it to cure properly before filling with coolant.

I bought a genuine one for the daughters old car and it wasnt that expensive.

I was careful not to overtighten it. No leaks :)

Make sure the mating surface is clean also.
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