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Here is my Kuga, 2013 2.0 TDCI 4x4 auto.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle registration plate
First job that needs doing is :
Car Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Wheel
Disassemble the rear to fit a new towbar !
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Wheel Automotive exterior
I went for a swan neck with a dedicated 13 pin electrics,
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Motor vehicle
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust Automotive design Bumper
Bumper back on !
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust
Tire Wheel Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire
It's a straightforward job to do!, other than the little black clips for the mud flaps !
All back together and check all the lights and rear park sensors !,
Tire Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light Car Window
The 13 pin socket is fitted, but I'll connect them tomorrow!.


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The kuga is running great,
Just done a service, oil & filter, fuel filter & air filter.
No difference to servicing the Mondeo ! Other than the fuel filter being under the bonnet ????.

I didn't get much of a service history with the car,
So I've just changed the the auto transmission oil & filter !.

Window Automotive tire Light Orange Line
The oil looks dirty in the bucket !
Gesture Automotive tire Finger Red Font
But it wasn't too bad!, so has been changed at some point !

The filter was black, so it's doing it's job.
It was a genuine ford one too !.

New tyres next !


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Quick update,

New tyres are on!

Thought I would give the calipers a clean & paint !

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Synthetic rubber

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Locking hubs Vehicle brake

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs Vehicle brake

They were not to bad, just light surface rust
Quick clean & rub down, then 2 coats of hammerite Matt silver paint !

Forgot to take a picture before I put the wheels back on ????

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Next will be new timing belt & water pump,
Then get the wheels refurbished!

Thanks Steve


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Not much to report, the kuga is running & driving great!.
Had the timing belt, water pump & auxiliary belt done @116000, just done oil & filter change.

Towed my caravan for the first time with the kuga, didn't even feel like it was there ! Awesome drive to north wales stayed for a week !.

Other ford related news, her in doors car, a green KA aka the snot bubble.
Have just change the thermostat housing because it had a leek!

Just as well the plastic was so brittle, it was breaking apart like room temp chocolate! If that makes sense!

Blue Azure Motor vehicle Rim Automotive design

Notice the seal has expanded so cause of the leak! ?

Blue Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

New one came complete, new thermostat, temp sensor & gasket!

Gas Electric blue Auto part Personal protective equipment Tool

Motor vehicle Blue Automotive design Automotive exterior Bumper

All running great now !

Other car related stuff, my daughters car non ford ????,
Came up with a misfire on cylinder 3, so swapped the coil packs around & it still came up number 3!
So change the plugs !

Automotive tire Gas Spark plug Auto part Metal

All 3 were the same ! Wow ????


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