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ford mondeo 2.0 hatchback 2018 oil pressure vave and turbo

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hi guys the spanner illuminates sporadically on motorway goes into limp mode the auto elctrician says it could be the oil pressure valev @£116.00 which he said replace first if not then its the turbo £££££s, has anyone had this problem as the garage says it it common on mondeos thanks in advance
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What OBDII codes are you getting? What live data can you see from those sensors?
Auto electrician did nt tell me just said to mechanics to replace oil pressure valve if it's not that then replace turbo,car drives fine just on motorway acceleration odd times come on and goes into limp mode switch restart engine it's fine, just don t want to get ripped off buy buying these parts if not necessary
1 - 3 of 3 Posts