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Hello there!

New to the forum and in need for some help. Little while ago our ford mondeo 2012 (titanium wagon), that has keyless fob started locking me inside the car. Car shows no error codes and makes no notification that something is wrong. But when this happens, the driver side door doesent open from inside. The handle just pulls nothing and the door stays locked. When this happens, i have to climb through backseat to get out of the car. If someone opens the door outside, no problem, works just fine.

So, the other doors work and open normally from inside. I also noticed that the window of the driver side door doesent open.... Dont know if thats new or because its forzen by Finnish winter. So i thought that the problem might lay in the module that is responsible with the central locking and window. But.... It turns out, that with my spouses key the door in question, works normally like almost all the time.... So is it my key fob? I havent tried to reset it yet, gonna try that propably today or is it my bench setting (electric seats) ?? Cause i dont know what else could help..

Other than this the keyless fob and all of its functions work with no problems. Any idea what should i try to do? Really not Happy about The idea of taking the car to the shop and pay alot, if theres something i can try at home.

All help is welcome (please dont call me a noob)
Best regards:
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