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ford mondeo mk2(auxilary warning system)control panel

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hello I have a mk2 Mondeo and I want to mount auxiliary warning system, the car she dont have plugin for this display, but I want to make him functional .help me with a scheme for the pins or something! thanks,scuse my english
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do a search for my thread 'aws in st200'.

that will keep you busy for a while!
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"sgking", I'm interested in this too, but if I type in "aws in st200", the search system tells me: "One or all of your search keywords were below 3 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed... yada yada".
A little help, please??

EDIT: never mind, think I found it: aws in st200
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no thats not it!

this is itMy link

the search on here isnt that good so i just use google
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Oh, man... thanks a lot, and now I see what you meant about "keep you busy for a while"
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i am novice and it takes me a while! i have to study first!

if you were ok with wires you could do it in a day i reckon.(the basic functions)
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