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Firstly let me apologise - i'm a very un-mechanical girlie so if you're kind enough to reply please bare with me.

I've had problems with my puma for several months. Its an intermittent problem (can sometimes be 6 weeks between break downs). Once the car has been used several times over the day it sometimes will turn over but not fire up. I was advised by several breakdown guys it was the fuel pump which has now been replaced. Guess what - today after a few miles it sounded like the fuel wasn't pumping petrol through and it stopped working at the traffic lights. It's now been towed home. After a 2 hour rest i gave it another try and it seems to be working perfectly well again.

At some stage of a previous breakdown a 15amp blue fuse was replaced in the fuse box under the bonnet - this worked for a few breakdowns but now doesn't solve the problem ( plus it might have been the 'rest' the car was given whilst i was changing the fuse)

I've now had new advice it might be the main relay fuse (which apparently is not one of the little prong fuses i have changed in the past) but i can't find where the main relay fuse is?

Any help would be appreciated

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