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Hi, I recently purchased a 2008 Ford Smax and it has an unusual fault. Sometimes when I start it the accellerator doesn't work, when i turn it off and on again it can cut out, then start it again and its fine. Its done it quite a few times now and im worried incase it breaks down
The previous owner has replaced the battery and i suspect he knew about the fault. I have had the codes read and it comes up with this error - Code: U0155 - Lost Communication With Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Control Module. When I have googled it, it comes with faults with the clocks?
I have read about the dry solder joints on ford focus's - is this an issue with the smax, if so can the clocks be repaired?
Has anyone else had this issue please and did replacing the clocks solve the issue? I am hoping its a case of swapping the clocks

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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