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In August 2016 I took delivery of my FGX Falcon Cab Chassis. Beaut car and I've had two of them before that. Additional bonus was it came with Sat Nav - Ford Sync 2. At that time I'd only had a Tom Tom stuck on the windscreen so the in car thing was great. However it also came with free updates for the next seven years, but the rub was that was only with a service. Having had a garage for 40 years it isn't in my DNA to get someone else to service my cars, so the free bit wasn't exactly that. Anyway my wife bought a new Hyundai Kona recently and it comes with an Android system so you don't, and can't, actually get it with Sat Nav. At first this seemed a bit of a downer but all you need to do is plug in your phone and you can have Google maps and Waze. Obviously for free. Probably a bit limited to Android Auto but it gave me the idea to look around and I came up with these:
(plenty of these around just follow the YouTube paths)

In the end I bought one from This was delivered very quickly and the company was very responsive to my emails, unfortunately I couldn't get the thing to work properly. First they sent me a real 'Plug and Play' unit but a part on the back physically prevented the unit being fitted so they sent me a 'PCB Daughterboard' which overcame that problem. A bit of a job to fit but all the stuff was there, and the good bit was that I could simply switch from the OEM screen to the Android screen. Problem was there was no response to the touch screen on the Android side. So you couldn't actually change anything on the screen. Eventually I was able to change things using a mouse plugged into the USB, but even so could not make the screen responsive to touch. In the middle of all this I saw that the screen on the Android side was very lo-res which wasn't at all what I wanted.

The upshot is, that after numerous emails trying to get this sorted my Chinese friends have given up on me and said I can have my money back (not counting my USD45.00 shipping - another story but I'm working on that)

Anyway, that's the story, but before I send it back, maybe someone out there has had experience with these, specifically I guess with FGX Falcons as maybe they're different from other Fords in the world?

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