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Does anyone have a contact at Ford technical i could use to finally get to the bottom of the situation I have with can I/can't I retrofit the Convers+ to my car

Thanks :rocker:
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Write to them they may help, they will reply.

Ford Technical Information Centre
P O Box 300

Fax 01922 434507

Tel 0906 5533447 calls charged at £1 a minute your network provider may make additional charges.
0845 841 1111 & 01277 253000 may also be able to put you through to the right place but at cheaper costs

( just numbers that cropped up when searching for that above 090 number :L )
Sorry wrong section.

Not willing to phone that 09 number, maybe I'll write in thatr case. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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