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Free Short Engine

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I have had a clean out the couple of days i have a td short engine free to collector. There is no head, turbo, fuel pump or vacum pump as im selling these sepratly. If you want it im in the gatwick area you can collect anytime.
Cheers Dave
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im interested but can you tell me more about it!?
spinners said:
.... There is no head, turbo, fuel pump or vacum pump as im selling these sepratly....
Hi Dave. If they're for sale separately, why not just mention that they're unavailable. By doing that wouldn't have made Staff on here home-in on this thread what with that being a bit of a subliminal for-sale ad for them, and would have got your 'Free' offering moved to the Gold members classifieds section gratis. :)
Its just the engine block with pistons, crank,fly wheel, clutch and oil pump.
Cheers Dave
Sorry mate but free is free and it stops the questions of where are the other parts and can i buy them, i am waiting for my paypal account to verfied and then they will be listed in the gold section when i have paid. I dont have a motive just offering other mondeo owners the chance instead of me just scrapping it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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