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Front 2 Tyres!

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My front 2 tyres are wearing out so easily all the time. I am a careful driver and I blow my tyres up to 35 psi every 6 months and regularly wash my car/tyres but I have tried 2 different top branded tyres new and they have had the same result? Anyone know what is causing this? I have had my front 2 coil springs changed? My back 2 have never been changed since I got the car.
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Probably because its 30 psi, 35 psi fully laden :)
Where/how are they wearing, as your answer will depend on this.

If they are wearing in the center and not so much at either edge, then probably they're over-inflated for light loads, like dog says.
How many miles are you getting out of them? The front tyres will always wear quicker because of all the weight at the front of the car combined with all the turning left/right.
I just got them about 6 months ago both of them. I think they are under inflated according to car bibles however I had pumped them up twice in the last 2 months is that too less?

They wore badly on the outer edge of the tyre.
Your tracking might need adjusting or even a full 4 wheel alignment. Mik.
Its always good practice to check your tyre pressures every week or so, Though i shouldnt talk as i dont check mine as often as i should do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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