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Front bumper lower grille mod

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Just a photoshop image of the next job to do on my beloved Mondeo, let me know what you guys think,


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as in the above pic i was thinken of painten d lower bumper inserts black to give that wide mouth look. as seen on d odd mondeo st
Looks really good, also if you could smooth out the line where the bottom trim meets the bumper I think that would look even better.

Really like it though!
i did think of geten that part of the bumper plastic welded and blended but Irish roads r crap i wasn't gona resk it cracken mate i no it wud have looked alot better :)
Well as it is on that pic it looks mint :L
thanks mate d body shop did a great job smothen out the front and rear bumpers .i might try the grill mod as in d pic . il wait and c what u guys think
I bit the bullet and blacked the grille out, left out the upper grille blade to give better visibility on the intercooler.

Going to get the lower bumper and fogs smoothed in Photo shop to see what they would be like, will post a pic of them as soon as i get the pic back.....


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Didnt take as long as i thought, what do you think of smoothed lower bumpers???


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lol exactly what i was thinkin of doin to my front bumper....nice smoothage tho :)
the grill mode is that what u were thinken ?
The missing fin kinda make it look broken? Personally I'm undecided on the look, but its your car :)
I wud advise put black mesh grill or even silver grill on the bottom as it will protect the lower radiator and any stones that will damage the raditor. They are easily available for £15 on ebay
yep but not removing anything, just blackening the lower grille area :D
i put the upper part of d grill back on earlier today anyway
irishlad, Sorry but your Corsa forum/TXT/Chav speak

wid, de, d, em???? Just makes you appear very stupid.

Maybe its just me but i cannot read your posts without laughing AT YOU. Have you thought of buying a CORSA?

:tonofbricks: :tonofbricks: :tonofbricks:

Anyway, I would be wary of leaving that slat out, From the picture you can clearly see how vunerable the intercooler is to stone damage.
Im sure he is a good lad, and he has a nice car, but i have to agree on the txt speak, it does not fit in on here.
i can txt type write anyway i feel .this forum is not full of middle age men driven ESTATE mondeos younger men use it to .And saying i was stupid. have RESPECT mate . anyway back to something relevant. i put the missing insert back on yesterday the car looks good. thanks for the good comments .they are nice people left in the world and people who like to TRY to belittle keep the comments in context with the post .anyway i hope this little issue is over and small minded people get a life.
Keep it civil please gentlemen. MY finger is hovering over the 'lock thread' button.

Irishlad, it is requested of members on here that posts dont use text speak so please dont in any further posts. The rest of you giving him a hard time, knock it off. If you aint happy, use the report button.
Personally, I like the look of the lower grille mod (can't do it on mine as it's a facelft). The only thing I would suggest is spraying the bottom of the grille silver as from a distance it looks like it's missing. A thin silver line would finish the bumper off. Other than that, it looks cool!

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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