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Front Grille

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sorry if this post has already been covered, but i cant seem to find it.

i've noticed on ebay they are selling front grills for the Mk3 that are matt black... i have got the pre-facefilt 'orrible looking carbon grey thing, and was wondering if i cleaned off all the grease etc and sprayed it with a paint (help on brands helpful) would it look OK? I've had it before where i spray something and the silvery bits still show through :annoyed: ... and i don't want to be forking out on a new grill as it is I've got to replace the ford badge on the front due to the idiot that had the car before me not realising it swivels rather than opens like a door! :angryfire:

any help appreciated on paint/solvents or where i can get a new badge from!


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For the paint, use Halford's Satin Black, as for the badge, your local ford stealer will supply, but have a look on ebay or even try yout local breakers.
i agree...i primered it then did it with halfords' gloss black...much nicer :D
ebay for a badge is what i thought.. but £20 for a plastic oval??!! think i may "buy" one from the breakers
did you guys prep the grill or just primer it then paint???
I degreased it with washing up liquid, etched it with a scotch brite then primered and painted satin black, i did both grills and did the bottom of the front bumper to match.


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like your car mate. ive that wide mouth look done to my preface lift mondeo .
Makes a huge difference eh
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