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Front number vents

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Hi I'm looking for these bumper vent but had no luck can anyone tell me if they a practical or just for show I'm getting a front bumper spoiler of eBay to go on the standard one would they still fit or would I have issues
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What do you mean, front number vents?

Do you mean the side bumper vents that some on here have fitted?

These ones
Marney said:
He might mean 'front bumper vents'. I've seen a couple of cars at meets/shows (Mondeo Mania was one) where owners have fitted air intakes into the front bumpers, presumably for CAIS or car requires forced air induction. The one I saw at MM I think might have been on this site's stand!!
Ive got the Subaru ones mentioned above in mine.

If its a standard bumper they will probaby take up most of the height in the bumper.

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I meant front bumper vents lol bloody predictive text on phone lol exellant I'll have a scout around on eBay for them thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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