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Front seat belt height adjusters - stuck at the top

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Both front seat belt height adjusters have become stuck at the top of their travel. The latch buttons move but the slider is not being released to move the adjusters downwards.

Has anybody experienced this problem? How did you resolve it?

How does the trim panel come off? I peeled back the door seal that overlaps it. I could see that the trim piece has a tab that hooks behind the lower trim. Above the seat belt mount is an airbag. I'd hate to set that off or damage it by fumbling around!
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Lever out the cover (with "Airbag" on it) above the height adjust slider. Remove the screw beneath. The trim gently pulls free (it has clips on the back) When you replace, you have to line up the black square on the inner height adjust mechanism with the hole on the back of the outer sliding handle; and snap trim in place, also pull the door seal rubbers over the trim edge.
There's no air bag behind the trim, its in the headliner
Nice one, Ray. Thank you very much. I thought about levering the cover out but chickened out. I'll go back and try again.
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