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Front Shocks!

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Anyone got any preferably with springs inc as my front end is on its arse, anything will do as long as it works for now until I can afford my koni fsd's. :laugh:
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Just noticed I dont think my shocks are gone now as they sem to level off after the bumps etc so Im guessing its prob just the springs are pants.
Hoping someone can help with this, my front end is on its arse, but I dont think its due to the shocks as they dont seem to be leaking any fluid and level off after a bump etc. I have noticed that the springs seem to be rubbing against themselves.

Only things I can think of is that in the past the springs have been changed for the wrong ones or there just v-tired and need replacing. Anyone had same probs?
springs snapped?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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