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ok so I'm nearly there, unsure of how to proceed getting the knuckle off the strut.

I've lowered the subframe, removed all bolts etc and separated the lower arm balljoint. I'm not really sure why that's necessary, but getting the knuckle off the strut is confusing me.

First question, how are you supposed to get to the back of the pinch to hammer something in there?

Second question, how far does it need to come? I've only got a small gap, about 10mm between the bottom of the strut protruding through the knuckle, and the driveshaft underneath. Do I need to wedge it into some strange position to get clearance?

Hope someone can answer, car been on stands for 3 weeks now cos of the horrible weather!!

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soz its a it late, but its like doing the wishbone ball joint, access is better if you turn the wheel, (shock moves) but yeah, usually the pinch bolt on struts has no nut, its just thread locked into place, you undo it (hopefully without it snapping) then drift it out with a pin punch, the pinch bolt locates on the strut through a hole in a bracket so you can't fit it wrong (unless you miss the hole!!!) Best off doing the strut pinch bolt with stuff still attached iirc, then take other bits off.
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