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Frozen suspension?

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after an overnight freeze and continuing daytime freezing temperatures a couple of months ago it seemed to me that the rear left suspension was frozen. Driving the car I could feel the extra stiffness on that side -- it didn't seem to be flexing at all. After a short drive it eased up, and hasn't happened again.

Is it possible for suspensions to freeze or is there something there I should get checked?

Thanks for any guidance. Mondeo 2001 LX hatchback.
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yes, it's not just ths seals that freeze though, it's the gas/oil inside if it gets cold enough with solidify and then not go through the holes as easily as it should do

after some driving it should ease up as it's got movement, and movement creates heat as a by product so it's sorted itself out

the bigger prolem is if your brakes jam on in the applied position which means you've got to let them warm up before you can actually move :}
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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