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Fuel Economy Over 5500 miles

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Quite often people come on here asking what fuel economy they should expect from their tdci.

Quite sad this but last October when i got my iPhone I found a rather good free app for storing fuel consumption info each time i fill up with diesel.

As a result over the last 5 months and 5500 miles I now have an accurate average mpg (not the dodgy one displayed on the trip computer).

Since October ive used 12 tankfuls (brim to empty), and averaged 45.06 mpg using 555.25 litres and as i said covered 5503 miles. The fuel price since October has risen steadily from £1.029 to £1.159 per litre.

Worst tankful averaged 41.46mpg and best 53.27mpg.

I do a mix of driving but most of it is dual carriageways and motorways.

As i said a bit sad but it does give a better idea of the true mpg achievable in a tdci. :yawn:
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Useful data. Why not use an online service like Then others can see all of your fuelling data, and compare it with other cars. See the "fuel log" link on my sig for the last 41k miles of my data (petrol/LPG). If you create an account, you can set it to show English and real units. :L

If your app has an export function, you may be able to upload your data to date to that system.
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