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Fuel Filler Cap Not Opening

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I am new to the forum so apologies if this has been posted before i have done a search and could not find what i am looking for.

My fuel filler cap will not open from the drivers side, i have to open the boot and get behind the filler cap to pull the wire to open this.

Please can anyone help me with the fault here so i can start to open the filler cap from the drivers side as normal.

Thank You
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is it electrial!!

if not the the cable might have just come off one end or the other!!

try looking at both ends if the cables are still there, if not pull the CABLE with pliers if you can to see if it has snapped somewhere in the middle.
hi buddy first of all welcome to meg :)

this problem is a typical and easy problem to fix, get the cap opened from the trunk like you do, then spray some wd40 onto it at the hinge and work it back and forth, spray some on the little catch bit as well, but make sure u get some on the hinge bit, open and close it, it might take a couple of times, but it will fix it,

when i first bought my st24, mine was the same thing, it was embarasing going to fill up at tescos and trying to open it and it was very hard, eventually it did, filled up, got it home and sprayed the wd40 on it and its not once done it since i bought it back in 2004, its a cheap and easy fix for you but i know it can be annoying but doing the above should sort it out, good luck with it hope this helps :)
As he said - worked for me too :L
Thanks for the prompt replies,

I was not sure if this would be classed as an electrical fault or not so i decided to post here.

I will try what has been recommended by fred22 and update this topic.

Thank You
minde did exactly the same thing, I used to think it was just the cable stretching as its getting on a bit.

However, and I have done nothing to it, its started working again now, all the time every time, so perhaps fred is on the money with a bit of wd40, still doesnt explain why mine all of a sudden works again though lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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