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I have a Mondeo MK4 2.0 Tdci Titanium x sport and had a mechanic come to my address to do a full service and change the aux belt today (through clickmechanic) but before he had even taken the wheel off to do the belt there was issues with the service.

I know the fuel filter can be a pain in the bottom if not done correctly which is half the reason I didn't mind paying someone to do it but after he has changed it the car run for about 30 seconds before dying then haven't had it running again since.

He suggested that the lift pump may be broke and could have being broke for a long time so he recons there is enough fuel being pushed so the fuel is running back down the line and causing air locks.
I read online that numerous people have changed the filter and had issues but put the old one back and it is fine so I did suggest to do this as he looked as clueless as me but was told it is impossible and says the filter was the same brand as the one removed.
He has tried using a pump to suck fuel from the front but it didn't seem to be sucking much and only occasionaly spluttered and went through but there was air bubbles in the fuel for sure. He had me trying to start it in the end whilst he was tinkering with a screw or valve on the engine but nothing. He then loosened all the injectors and made sure fuel was getting to them which they did have in. The only time she sounded like she wanted to go was with easy start or brake cleaner being sprayed in

He has left and said he wont charge (nice seeing as half the service wasn't done and the aux belt wasn't even started) but the car now dont even start so I cant get to a garage without more expense. Is the lift pump something I can check at home?

I noticed when he left that I had a battery low message on my dash so have now removed the battery and will charge it fully over night but would have guessed he would have known if this could be a issue.

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I would be checking that fuel filter, did he change the seal, not left an old seal in place

and not it has two seals?

Its probably not sealed somewhere around that filter.

You didn'd say whay year the car is, filter front left of the engine?

A low battery wont help but with lots of air it probably wont go until properly bled.
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