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fuel filter housing or tank truble

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hi every one,ive lately fixt my air in fuel line problem but its back with vengence!!its got abrand new housing and pipes in the engine there semed a little stutter when sitting at traffic lights.i went home(2miles)it just got wores to point when it stalled;got home and the air was gratter then the derv? so i give some high revs for 20seconds then it was ok for five mins.ive got a little compreser so i blew the feed and return pipes out set it all back up running fine! then all the fuel draind from filter asif someone turnd the fuel of at the tank :eyesup: could the tank be the problem? old feed pipes rotting and snapping of inside the tank?ive spent best part off the day on it but still turnd out no further forward :angryfire: any and all replys will be very helpfull on this matter so please all you mondy lovers your replys are very very welome(and needed) /1.8lx td estate mk2 1999
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That sounds like a very bad air leak, the push fit fuel pipes on the fuel primer have a tendency to leak air but not fuel, also the bleed off pipes and cap end leak air too, hope this helps.
ok so you blew the fuel lines back into the tank with an airline probably temperorarlay freeing the lines in the tank until the sludge or whatever is in the tank settleed back down and came throught the lines and bloked them again .thats one scenario. the othe is that the lifet pump or vaccum on the diesel pump which pulls the diesel all the way fromm the tank in some models is us.and needs replacing or servicing get it tested for vaccume .i dont know what youve done already but blowing out fuel lines with and airline unless you knoow what your about is not a good move in my humble opin s
thanks every one problem solved.i lifted the back seats and found the fuel feed pipe was bent with a split in looks as if the last owner must have removed the large rubber gromit its missing all together and left a small 2lb hammer in the hole and with the seats been used well you no the rest.ive had the car for 7 weeks and apart for the first 2 weeks when car was running good the last 5 have been a night mare but its running like new now happy days at last(i hope).thanks again every one and keep up all the fantastic help you all pass onto the other folk
so you gained a hammer then!!

ha ha ha yea you can say that mate
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