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fuel filter

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hi there
i have changed my fuel filter in my tdci and bled it to top of filter starts after awile and runs
now it wont start should i bleed the pipes to the injectors
can someone help
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Shouldn't need to bleed the injector pipes, it's under very high pressure too so I'm guessing not a good idea. Have you fitted the pipes back on to the filter pipe correctly? sometimes you can dislodge the 'O' rings inside the connectors and end up with an air leak.
hi there
redunit a couple of times still no good
even put old filter back on still wont start after bleeding
thanks kelvin
How did you bleed the filter? I used a MityVac pump connected to the centre spigot and sucked until the filter was full, filling the fiter as much as possible is very important as, although its supposed to be a self-bleeding system, it rarely does.

To check for air you can use a clear pipe and connect it in-line to the pump to see if there's any air bubbles in the diesel.
yeh used a pipe to suck fuel up
but will try a clear pipe to check in line cheers
hi there been out and got it started after boosting battery
took a few times
tightened all injector pipes up
checked pressure on rail seems to be ok
so hopefully not pump
put back on charge overnight
will see in morning
also had new glow plugs and cam sensor.
checked power to glow plugs seems to be ok
cheers kelvin
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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