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Fuel gauge stays on when ignition is turned off

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Hi there, just a small problem, when i turn off the ignition and remove the key my fual gauge stays on showing how much is in the tank, is this an easy fix ? i'm guessing its a fuse but before I have a look I thought i'd post on here just in case it isn't.


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I thought that was what it was supposed to do. I've had 5 Mondeos over the years and, IIRC they've all registered when the ign is off.
fords way of letting a car thief know how far he can drive to do a job. :}
.....but when its an ST24, the fuel economy ain't great, so won't get too far!!!
this being my first mondeo I was unaware that it was normal, my previous cars went to moved when the ignition turned off, but as its a normal thing thats good enough for me, one less job to do :D

thanks everyone,

p.s can anyone help with my other topic about the faulty window switch/button

Wife wedges a plastic flower to the right side of Inst panel on ours
looks like a girly thing but it blocks a view from outside
I'm surprised so many people worry about this, if someone wants to nick a car they will and besides that, 99% of cars easily have enough fuel in for a thief to get plenty far away.
I've never worried either...

Just for info, the fuel gauge doesn't stay powered, its a damped needle floating, when the engine is on an electric field is used to move the floating needle. So when the engine is off the field is removed but the needle is left floating where it was.

I find if mine is less than 1/4 or over 3/4 full, it eventually falls to either empty or full - must be a bit slack! :ponder: :}
floating needle.. i like that i didn't know what it was called.

also just to add the needle might move to the center of the gauge...............

also there is a tiny little weight in the needle that will slowly pull it to the center of the guage
longman5669 said:
.....but when its an ST24, the fuel economy ain't great, so won't get too far!!!
You must be using a heavy right foot! :driving:
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