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Fuel Pump...?

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Ok hello guys, me again. Bassically, for awhile now I've had various problems that all seem to be related back to the one thing... fuel pump.

I'll explain from the beginning. I bought a car in janurary and after about a week, I could smell a faint smell of petrol. I ignored it putting it down to just being a new car and maybe I was being paranoid. Turns out I was wrong and should paid more attention to it. I got into it one day and it wouldnt start, found a fairly big leak under the car which turned out to be a cable had slowly came loose (hence the smell) and now finally popped off (hence the leak).

It was reconnected by my mech and he said the smell will go away and all is well. The problem I have no is that I seem to be loosing power? it's like... I press the accelerator pedal down to the amount I know will get the car to the speed I need to go but it takes a few seconds for the engine to sorta kick in... and realise I have pressed the pedal... it seems to be getting worse aswell, like today... I was a traffic light and it went green, went to move off and it moved off slowly despite my pedal being down at least half way... I got worried to went straight home but I didnt really experience anything else this servere after that. I googled it and bassically it could be the engine is not getting enough fuel? which kind of makes sense with all these problems and to be honest, I think the car migth still be leaking but not from the same spot. I checked ontop of the fuel tank/pump (whatever the thing is under the passenger seat) which is where it leaked first time around but it's bone dry so unless theres a leak somewhere else, coudl the pump be dying? my mechanic told me it was a new pump that was put in but wasnt connected up right.. it was loose.

So how can you tell if the fuel pump is new? and where exactly is the pump and how can you test it's working correctly?

Lastly, what else could be the problem? if I took the car for a full service, do think the problem could be resolved? I dont think the service was done on it for awhile...
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Just to eliminate another possibility. Could it be oil that is leaking ? I just went out to my car to have a quick look under it for any obvious leaks and I noticed a little dark patch no bigger than a tennis ball in size, but it does not smell like petrol... smells a bit like oil... so could it be oil that is leaking this time around is is causing loss of power? It's actually at the rear end of the car, not at the front... (if that helps)
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