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fuel rail removal

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how do you get the fuel rail off on the V6?

I've just received my ST200 LIM and the fuel rail and injectors are still attached. I've removed all of the securing bolts, but I can't get the fuel rail off of the injectors, or the injectors out of the LIM.

Is there a trick to it? I don't want to damage anything with too much force.
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scratch that. Fuel rail is do the injectors come out of the LIM? brute force?
...spray the bottom on the injectors in the lim with some WD40,wher they seat into the lim and wiggle them out..WITH CARE!!
as above, i went around the clock if you get my meaning.
thanks. I managed to get them out eventually.
They're effing tight eh?! I had to prise some out with a screwdriver, the O rings were so swollen on mine.

You having them cleaned? :)
jiggling, pulling and swearing did the trick for me.

I'm just gonna sell them. They've done about 60,000 miles so they shouldn't be too mucky anyway.

unless you meant cleaning the manifolds, in which case yes...I gave them a quick clean today.
Sell them and use what, ST200 green injectors?
it's the st200 injectors I was removing. The manifolds arrived today and the fuel rail and injectors were still attached.
Ahhh, now I getcha :driving:
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