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Full oil change.. st24 capacity?

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Hi all,
Im gonna do full oil/filter change how much should i buy to ensure a full refill

Ive bought 5litres is this enough?? :}

All the best - Kepp up the good work guys

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5.5 litres.

get the extra 1 litre and then you have enough to top up in future if you need it :)
5 litres is short. 5.5 litres should get it to maximum... TBH many owners - and this included me - run with a drop more to try and prevent the big-end bearings running dry on hard cornering... :)

Whether it helps or not, I can't say. But it didn't do any harm to mine...

+1 !!!!!!

Well said Rich :L

I did the same in the hope that it would help protect the big ends :D

It didn't do me any harm :L
am i missing something i thought the oil to big end bearings was fed thro an oil way. so going round a corner would make no would have to be pretty full to keep the crank shaft covered.

Think its to do with where the oil pick up pipe is located.

Its more to the side of the sump than smack bang in the middle so when going around a corner (can't remember which way) there is less oil that comes in contact with the pipe.

Thats from what I understood anyway :D

Damo :L
This lube issue and corners etc is BUNK..If the lube system was a bad design then cars would have dropped like flies within a few weeks/months of being new..and they didn't!!.. It is damm all to do with the lube design..Take a poll/survey and find out the miles that owners had 'spun' big end bearings!!..Also FWIW, the oil from the main oil gallery feeds the MAINS before the big ends..if it's lube then why no damaged mains!!..
^It may well be. If something gets repeated often enough, by enough people, it's taken as being true by the masses. What we have here is:-

It's happened to a noticeable number of engines, over the years.
It's also been reported - possibly more-so - as an issue relating to use on long, sweeping ramps.
Ford revised the sump later in the engines life, with the addition of further baffles.

Does that point to the problem lying with issues related to cornering? Quite possibly. Could it also point to something else entirely? Quite possibly. Nobody comes on here and says "Hey! I've not changed my oil for 40k, did some burn-outs in McD's carpark and now my engine is knocking. What's up?", nor that they've been running on cheapo 20w/50 oil for the last 3 months before it starts knocking.

As to why it would hit the big-ends, but not the mains - I'm guessing because there's a degree of lateral movement from the conrod to the crank, but that'd be a guess...?

We didn't build them... we just live with them... ;)

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Lovely thanks guys...apologies though, I found the wiki after posting.

didnt have the +1 bit (bow down)
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