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fuse number and where is it

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hi where is the fuse for the rear fog lights as they arnt working ,also when I pull the light switch out it doesnt glow orange, so I presum its a fuse,have bought another switch from a breakers and it works fine but again when you pul the switch out for the fog lights it doesnt glow orange and the rear fog lights still dont come on.
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open the glovebox, find the release lever, drop the box, squeeze it in each side, remove it

the fuse box is behind there (take a torch)

the rear fog fuse is 15A and the 3rd from the left on the top row
and check the bulbs too
Click the link in my signature below, fuse information and diagrams.
thanks for the help (but how dum am i )
looking at both rear fog light bulbs ,the elements are ok, bought 2 new bulbs and the rear fog lights are now on,cant believe thats all it was,so i would just say to anyone with simliar problems, even if the elements look ok, go and buy new new bulbs and it could save you a fortune as i was about to get an auto electrian to fix this fault :driving:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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