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The 2nd hand fiesta I bought a couple of weeks ago only had the one main key.I didn't like the idea of this so went to my local Locksmith,who I use,and he could have made me a simple door opening none,"Chipped" key for a tenner but recommended a proper,"Clone" chipped one.It cost me £47.50 but knowing that Ford can charge over £120+ I thought this was a very good price.

He told me that it's reasonably easy for him to clone a key but if an owner only has one and loses it the normal call-out fee would be around £350 because they have to spend a lot of time getting the car's engine/codes etc and programing from scratch.

Just thought I'd post this so if you only have one key it's a,"No Brainer".Pay for a cheap clone now and not £350 later.

HTH(Hope This Helps) :rocker:
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