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gear box and clutch problems

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Hi i have a 55plate ST TDCI,last night i was pulling out of a parking space and the car jumped forward i put the clutch pedal in and it got stuck down,

Manged to get it back up and drive it home but it felt like it was binding on depression of the pedal and rattleing, at speed it was wining.

This morning went out to check it and the pedal would go down then it started to vibrate and i herd grinding and the pedal is realy stiff an now cant get it in gear at all

Any idea's please.
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Sounds to me like either the overhead spring, almost looking like a valve spring has got jammed or dislodged...

The weld on the pedal which pushes the rod for the hydraulics.

The master cylinder is leaking...

I have/had an Octavia i.e a VW golf and a common problem was the weld on the pedal fails... snaps a plastic clip damages the rod and the master cylinder and needs replacing...

P.S if it is that overhead assister spring... make sure it doesn't fire into your palm like mine did...
Alternatively... It could be your clutch has packed in.... Either the pressure plate has lost the abilty to "spring" back onto the flywheel... or your DMF could be knackered... Common on all modern diesels really... but I can't see it directly affecting the pedal.
Thanks i will have to have a look at the pedal and spring but ive got a funny feeling it is the expensive end.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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