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gearbox problem??

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Had to borrow the wife Mondeo today(mine has blown its water pump)
Noticed that the gearchange was a bit notchy/stiff and reverse was a very stiff and a right pig to get in.
the car is a 2000(x reg) 1.8
1 - 9 of 9 Posts you know what type of oil the kogbox has in it?
What ever oil Ford put in from new??
When you change from 3rd to 4th it feels like the lever goes over towards 2nd but you get 4th.
reverse is a real pig you go into to 4th then try for reverse.
Hi Teri. I rember some years back having a butches at an old dears mondo.for similar prob ie glitchey gear changes ..anyway the deaer old lady had a slight limp and wasent getting the distance ont the clutc pedal and was grating the thing into gear .with the resultant being the linkage es an the clutch master and salave had to be changed out and thus solved the prob.
..yes,not enough clutch pedal movement can do it (seat too far back!!!) but in this situation I'd be inclined to check the shift cable ends at the transmission..if they are worn then 'lost movement' could be the issue here..
no seat is set in a good postion. Dont know where to look for the cable ends??? any pictures
I seem to recall reading a post on here about there being bushes on the end of the cable change linkages at the gearbox end, but cant find the post again now. I have a mk2 and have similar problems with gear selection and a general vagueness and excess free movement in the gearlever. Could this be a common issue here and does anybody have experience of changing these etc?
..the cable ends/bushes are at the trans end of the cable and connect the cables to the shift tower/turret that bolts on top of the gearbox.Can usually be seen from under the wheelarch or down from the air intake under the bonnet etc.The white cable end usually wears a lot and the bush within it, when worn, will loose a lot of the gear stick movement..
Excellent, sounds like a very possible fix pending taking a look, ford quoted me £22 for the pair today so quite a reasonable priced fix, will post when i find out either way etc. Thanks Terry!
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