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Ghia X Auto questions

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As above, I have a few questions regarding the Ghia X Auto.

It's on an 02 plate and I believe has the Duratec 2.0 unit in.

It has become apparent that I am about to have replace the inlet manifold due to the butterfly valve issues and was wondering, while it's out and I'm looking at £300 cost, if there are any performance replacements that I may be able to fit. I'm not after rediculous gains, just a tad more pull would be nice.

Are there any other mods that are worthwile carrying out, considering that it's an auto, in order to make the car a little more responsive/gutsy?

Is it possible to convert it from Auto to Manual transmission at a later date? The car is in great condition and it would be a waste to sell it for the pittance that it would earn, so I'd rather keep it and treat it as a project vehicle over the next year or two. (It's my fourth Mondy so I'd only buy another one anyway.) :}

Forgive me if I've missed out any info, it's my first post. :)


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