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Glass repair

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Yesterday at our local Tesco's Autoglass were doing free chip repairs. So off i went with the Focus to have one repaired, and then went back a short time later to have two of them done on the Mondeo. While i was there i asked the bloke if there were any trade secrets on how to remove scratches from glass, as i have a scratch on the drivers door window about 3 inches long. He said there was this stuff called "Jewelers Rouge(sp?)" which is like a very fine rubbing compound. Apparently its very hard work but should polish the scratch right out. He didnt know where would sell it and ive never heard of it before, so i was wondering if anybody on here had any ideas?
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I had to have my windscreen replaced because of the council doing roadworks last summer over at Redcar, apparently it was "too hot" and the stones they put down on the road "didn't stick".

I got a massive crack right down the window and had it replaced, but it got replaced with some generic heated screen that I've never been happy with. The heating still works, but it's just not as good as the Ford one, RAC Windscreens won't do anything because it works and that's that.

As for it being too hot for the stones to stick to the road, that just confused the hell out of me, but I got my excess back after I complained to the council, who passed it to their sub contractor... who passed it to their sub contractor! Crazy!
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