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Glow plug light is driving me MAD!!

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My glow plug light has been coming on recently so have been reading all the possible problems but dont seem to be able to sort this out. I have changed the fuel filter, air filter, cleaned the EGR valve and inlet manifold, cleaned the MAF sensor(carefully), checked the pipe under the EGR for cracks(its fine) and had my turbo actuator cleaned and got working properly again ( by my local garage) . The Glow plug light comes on up hills under load say after 2500 revs, and then goes into limp mode. It is fine after that if you stop and restart the car as long as you keep the revs under 2500. When the glow plug light is not on it runs and starts fine. Its getting to me now - what could it be? Tmap sensor and oxygen sensor are the only things i havent tried - could they be causing this? Thanks for any help from you guys.
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you need to get a fault code reader on it.some say they dont like pattern fuel filters.try some injector cleaner.mine had new injectors and less than 500 miles the glow plug light was flashing.turned out to be a loose elec connection to injector.

atb. spudd
I put a Bosch fuel filter on it - will get a code reader on it tomorrow up my local garage but just wanted to get some ideas from you guys before they open. Thanks for any input
You seem to be doing all the right checks. but, you need to do a leak off test, to check that your injectors are good, im betting at least one has gone.
Whats a leak off test and how do i do it? Thanks
Its four pots, tubing, and if you have a old set of leak off pipes, you can use the connectors, if you google it you should see what i mean. its really quite simple, just hard for me to explain :)
Have googled it and it seems as if this leak off test is related to injector problems - my car surely doesnt have a problem in this area as it runs like a train when its not in limp mode. Am i right in assuming this? Thanks
no, that is not the case, this will be fuel related issue, it needs to be done.
Is this fault code reader something that most garages have, or do I have to take the car to a Ford dealer who will charge about £86 I think the lady said, to run an hour long diagnostics check?!
It dont have to be ford dealer, the price sounds about right, maybe there is someone from this site, who is close by, that has code reader, i have, but im a million miles away, lol :)
I also have the same problem, car cuts out when the light flashes. It wont re-start first time though, or if it does it cuts out after about 100yards. Normally I have to sit and wait about ten minutes before it works again. This is totally random and has only happened twice in the last 2000 miles or so.

I made the mistake of taking it to a local garage who charged me £50 for the pleasure of telling me the ECU stored no data. I then booked it in to Ford who told me when I turned up that they probably wouldn't be able to read any data either (at least they saved me the £96!).

I'm now in two minds as to whether or not to get rid of it. Although I'm reluctant as I only upgraded to it 2 months ago having thrown all our money at it!

Have just ordered diagnostics software and cable to hook it up to the laptop to check all systems. And am thinking of doing the leak off test this weekend.

Just back from the garage who put the fault code reader on my car and it came up with P132B. I know that relates to the turbo but will fitting a new one solve my problem? Could it be the MAP sensor? Tearing my hair out now - whats left of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
No more flashing glow plug light!! However, the engine warning light is on all the time now, whatever that means!? I gave the car a bit of a thrashing in the low gears and this is the result. S'pose it's time for a visit to the dealers then?
Did you blank the EGR? You will get that light as it detects the lack of airflow in the EGR.
Nope, I never did anything to the car - just put the foot down! Could this mean it's definitely the EGR valve that needs sorting? That engine light stays on all the time now, even after I'd not used it for 5 days!
doesnt clearing all faults take the EM light off?
Had exactly the same problem with my tdci as you have. Tried allsorts. Turned out to be the crankshaft sensor. It had a crack in it. Was about £40 from Ford. Also changed the camshaft sensor for good measure. £16 from Ford. Easy to do.

By the way I chatted to an ex Ford engineer at MIRA and found that the flashing glowplug light means all manner of faults and you can only tell which one by the fault code reader.

But the really interesting thing is that the code is wiped from the memory after 10 switch ons of the engine. If the same fault occurs twice in the 10 times then the code is held for 50 switch ons. This does vary apparently on the severity of the fault.
Hope this helps.....
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