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glow plugs

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hi guys being its lovely and sunny here decided to remove and replace my glowplugs they are in tight after removing 1 then went onto the second only to find after a half a turn it became really easy to undo but what has happened is the nut part of the glow plug had detached from the rest which has resulted in not being able to remove it anyone any idea how i could get this out have left the others incase it happens to them too any help please
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hi again an update the red mark shows were the plug has parted but its still in the headobvo=iously that isnt a mondeo plug got it from net its just to let you see were its snapped


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if it was taken off at the point its broken would there be anything poking out the head or would it be flush? only way i can think is to snap it off and use a small internal twist grabbing socket...??? sorry, only thing i can think of
there is as there is about an inch sticking out but not sure there enough space to get grips on it
no not grips, you can get sockets with a sharp internal twist on them which eats into the metal as you turn it anticlockwise and undoes it... i had a set, there brilliant on rounded off nuts and locking wheel nuts when youve lost the key for them... worth a try? i know snap on sell them, but maybe halfords?

This is the set, if theyre not small enough you should be able to find some.. this goes down to 8mm...? hope this helps
cheers bud so even thou there is no thread on the plug it should still eat into the steel and remove i shall try to find out the diameter of the glowplug as you say might be to big also is it right to do this whilst the car i warm as i need to remove inlet manifold to get to them
if u can start and warm up it would be ideal as the head will get warm and expand creating easier to undo..
yes the car still runs ok as when i felt the nut becoming slack i stopped and had a look its still in one piece i could of pulled the nut clear with a good yank but left it until i find a solution to removing the thing is the other 2 might be the same wait until i get the other removed before i try them thanks
and no you dont need thread or anything they simply bite into the metal
think that set might be to big as i used a 10mm socket to remove the plugs so 8mm might be to big but will find out tomorrow
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