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Glowplug Light - Fault reader

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On the way to work this morning the glowplug indicator started flashing, and I'm guessing the car was in 'limp mode' as the accelerator no longer served a purpose in the outside lane of the motorway.
After slowing down I found that the does still accelerate, but it's as if there is no turbo present anymore.

1st: Does anyone know what the problem is likely to be?
2nd: Can anyone recommend where I get get a cheap code reader (that works) so that I can find out what is wrong?

Thanks :)
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Where abouts in beds are you? could be alot of things, fuel related, turbo, sensor, etc, if you can come to me, i will run checks :)
Many thanks, I am in Luton (M1 J10). Where abouts are you?

So the flashing light is a general "there is something wrong" warning, codes need to be checked to know more?

Is it ok to drive the car in limp mode? Other than low power what other effect will it have?

Thanks :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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